Following the dream, one river at a time.

“Other Stuff”

Jon Swartwout- Fisher of the Berry Studio

I had the pleasure of meeting Jon through my grandfather a few years back and to this day we are good friends and fishing partners. Jon resides in upstate NY and is a very talented artist who’s rustic Adirondack style furniture and original oil paintings, show his passion of fly fishing as well as the scenic beauty of the Adirondacks. His work is inspiring to anybody who has a passion about something and I have enjoyed knowing Jon and fishing with him over the years. For more information on Jon’s work, take a look at his website Fisher of the Berry Studio.


Save Bristol Bay

For the past decade, foreign mining companies Anglo American and Northern Dynasty Minerals have formed a partnership and have been pushing for the regulations to construct the largest open pit gold and pebble mine in history. There’s only one problem; the mine will be constructed in the headwaters of the Bristol Bay watershed in southwest Alaska. Not only does the watershed support the largest runs of king and sockeye salmon in the world, it also supports an industry that provides over 14,000 jobs and produces over $500 million a year. The proposed mine would produce 2.5 billion tons of waste and another 10 billion tons of waste ore during its lifespan (about 35 years). As if the amount of waste isn’t enough to convince anybody that this plan is one big mistake, if permitted, pebble would lead the way in making the headwaters of Bristol Bay one gigantic mining district. Now is the time to stop this from happening. To take action, or learn more about the pebble mine and Bristol Bay, please visit



Fly Fishing Life- The Old Blog

In August 2011 before I made my trek west for Montana, I began my first blog writing about my fly fishing and adventures. Over the next year and a half the blog got some good attention and people seemed to enjoy my stories and photos. Although the blog’s name was changed and the new blog Where the Water Leads was created, the same good old stuff is still over at Fly Fishing Life. In the year and a half lifespan of the blog, I wrote close to 250 posts with about 1000 photos from my times on the water. Feel free to head on over to the old blog to read about some of my stories from the beginning when I came west. Not only will you find some great photos and stories, you will also see how I have evolved as a writer and a person. The reason I ever started a blog in the first place was so that I could someday return to it and read about all of my old adventures. I, and anybody else still can. Head on over to the blog at



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